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Start your own brand with our trusted formula of rose and geranium himalayan body scrub. Heavenly rose aromas with rose and geranium with rose quartz crystal in a glass jar and white lid with seal inside. UNLABELED. The Himalayan salt rose and geranium body scrub was made to serve the heart chakra with a self-love focus. The detoxifying properties of the Himalayan salt draws out toxins as well as cleanses any stagnant or lower vibrational energies. The Rose and gernaium has anti-aging properties and is known to bring out a youthful glow. There is also a rose quartz crystal infused in the body scrub. It amplifies love in all aspects in life whether it’s from friendships, romantic/platonic relationships, family, and most importantly love in your self. Please note that you are supporting a small business producing your wellness collection. Zero corporation affiliated. Everything is made with love, attention and intention.

Rose and Geranium Himalayan Body Scrub

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