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I met with a coach from this company and I am so glad that I did !  They were supportive and positive towards me. When I was going through a tough time in residency program coaching literally changed me for the better. I now have a self care plan, and I have the tools I need to navigate life after the pandemic ! I highly recommend . I used their services for 9 months and I am finally done with my residency program ! I don't think I would have made it without support.


They are very organized and professional. I used this organization to present to my team of educators on trauma informed care in the classroom. The speaker Michelle Lane Uzoma was a professional and effective speaker. We will used them again in the future. 


I used Michelle D. Uzoma LLC for Business coaching. I consulted with the team and I can now say that I have a LLC, A business plan, and a plan of operations ! I have always wanted to work for my self but I was scared . The thought of depending on myself financially was terrifying. I rarely leave reviews but I am very satisfied !
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